Winter Weather Brings Much Needed Moisture

by Eric on February 13, 2014

Any farmer will tell you if you get through winter without any significant moisture, you are in trouble headed in into spring. We found that out again in 2013 as we received several good rains from May through October, but there just wasn’t a foundation of moisture to help hold it in the soil long enough. Thus, our 2013 cotton crop suffered.

But for the first time in four or five winters, we have received ample moisture thanks to several storms of sleet, freezing rain, snow, and hard freezing temperatures. This is likely the wettest and coldest winter since 1972-1973 in our area. And 1973 (the year I was born) was a bumper crop. One of those crops my Dad still talks about. So, hopefully we are looking at a good crop in 2014. Everyone sure needs it.

Going three years in a row with no crop, no crop, and next to nothing, it wears and tears on a farmer’s mind, body and spirit. So, here is to hoping the moisture continues in the American Southwest. Many families, farms, and communities are in critical need at this point.

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We Are Marketing Non-GMO Cotton in 2013

by Eric on August 15, 2013

With timely rains this summer, we are going to have a pretty good cotton crop on our family farm this fall/winter. I am happy to announce we will be marketing our cotton as Non-GMO for the first time in 2013. We anticipate having over 2 million pounds this year and have already begun talks with interested companies.

I have 250 acres that is marketed through the Texas Organic Cotton Growers Co-op here in Texas. On our remaining acres, we are wanting to separate ourselves from the majority of the cotton market, since 90 percent of all cotton grown in the United States is now genetically-modified. We put in more time and labor to raise a healthier plant, which will produce a higher quality fiber that is not laced with toxic herbicide and pesticide genes within its molecular structure.

The Non-GMO movement has gained lots of strength in numbers over the years. Being very active in this fight for over five years, I am now putting our family farm in a different marketing category, sending a signal to the rest of the industry. Any individuals or companies interested in a healthier fiber for their products may email me through my website.

Truly, Eric Herm

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Returning from Austin, I have much more hope and faith in the Non-GMO Movement. A great turnout of enthusiastic supporters marched through the streets of downtown area where we ended up on the state capitol steps for a two-hour rally. People of all ages – little kids with their parents to older generations with signs, musical instruments, costumes, and a purpose marched in the pouring rain.

It was a good crowd of maybe a couple of thousand people. Two years ago at the same event, we had just a few hundred people turn out in clear skies. I was asked to speak to the crowd along with a handful of others. This was the most lively rally I’ve attended over the past few years and one that I believe signifies a huge swing in the opposite direction against Monsanto and other biotech companies. 

More awareness is needed in this fight. More people need to wake up to what is happening to the food and fiber production in this country. What we’ve allowed to happen out of convenience, out of apathy is no longer acceptable. I hope you encourage others to join this fight. I hope if you have been fighting, to continue to do so with more vigor than ever.

As Monsanto gains more favor with legislation from corrupt politicians who turn their backs on the people, our health and the overall health of nature, it is time for We the People to be constant reminders we are the ones with all the power…when we are united.

We must not get distracted nor shall we tire in our pursuit of GMO labeling and a healthier agriculture system in this country.

The tide is turning. We will win this food revolution! 


These Days

by Eric on March 31, 2013

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in these days we live. Read or listen to the news, it appears we are all nothing more than murderers, thieves, arsonists, terrorists, cowards, and fools. Listen to our political leaders or read the latest laws they’ve signed, sealed and delivered, it is obvious the country is run by megalomaniacs and corporate whores. Every major industry from politics to economics to agriculture to healthcare base the majority of their decisions to generate cash for themselves and the hell with everyone else.

Has this mentality, this existence of greed and gluttony spilled its way into the streets, into our blood, reprogramming our DNA? Are we slowly becoming more mechanized, more corporatized, more monopolized by all these lies and screen-staring contests? It’s a good question to ponder. It’s a relevant subject to wonder.

courtesy sacred voyages

Here in my corner of the universe, on the edge of the desert where the prairie was born, I stare face-first into the horizon of what is now and what is coming fast. Have we slowed it down at all? Are we settling for less, lowering our expectations as more hammers fall? Or are we rising above these ashes, daring to stand strong and proud, daring to speak louder than ever so we are heard over the moans and groans, the wails and nashing of teeth? Are we organized, prepared, and ready to move forward through the cinders of smoke and bellows of flames? Are we constructing a new paradigm or clinging on to the old?

These days, it’s easy to stand frozen in horror or disbelief. These days, strength is needed. Hope is needed. Change for the better. Hopefully we are not standing around, waiting on government or some other phantom hero to bail us out, to save us from the swift currents churning all around. For it is only us, only ourselves who are here to take such a stand and make the necessary change of direction…that only comes from a leap of faith, strength and hope.


Start Those Seeds

by Eric on January 27, 2013

It’s a full moon. Time to start germinating garden seeds and get them ready for spring. Particularly for those of us in the southwest where it gets hot…quickly. Highly recommend getting them started now to get you ahead of the curve. Keep them indoors, keep them protected past last threats of late freeze/frost. But by all means, start practicing the long, lost art of growing your own food and saving your own seed. Happy gardening in 2013, everyone.


Thoughts Upon Return from The Big Apple

by Eric on December 10, 2012

Coming back from my whirlwind trip in New York City, I had a couple of days to rest, relax and regain some perspective on this food movement, as well as the relationships I continue to build along the way.

It’s amazing how fast this is spreading. For years I was frustrated as it seemed

Image by Anna Brix Thompson

most Americans didn’t or would never care about our food, what has happened and continues to happen to our food and seed supply. But I sense that more and more people are tapping into this awareness on many levels – not only the GMO issue but food in general and how intertwined the health of our body is to the health of the food we eat.

Each trip, each event, I come in contact with so many people who are doing some incredible things in this life. Whether activists, artists, farmers, community organizers, or groups and individuals rethinking and restructuring business models to work in harmony with their own environment, I tend to find many courageous leaders and revolutionaries. It is inspiring.

Was blessed to do an interview with Sean Kaminsky, who is the director/producer of an upcoming documentary called Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds. We had a wonderful conversation in Prospect Park and talked extensively about the importance of a healthy natural seed supply.

Also did an in-depth interview with journalist Helen Zuman of Brooklyn. It was hands-down the most intelligent questions anyone has ever asked me about agriculture/nature/life in general. One carefully constructed and well-thought out question after another, Helen dug deeper into the subject. A talented and deep being, I look forward to reading more of her writing.

The interview on the Leonard Lopate Show went well. It was my second time on Leonard’s show and have really enjoyed discussing topics with him and the folks at WNYC.

A big shout out to Don, Marco and all the cool people with At Home in Brooklyn. It is a beautiful B&B located right on Prospect Park in the Park Slope area.

Also thanks to Theodore with Dreamriver Press for putting on a cool book launch party for me in the West Village. We had a strong turnout and met many incredible people.

I’m glad to be back home now, where we have actual “winter-like” weather for the first time. Temperatures dipped down into the 20s last night, but they are expected to stay there only a couple of days before going back up into the 60s again. Crazy weather.

So, I go back to farmer things: building fence, working on tractors and preparing for next year’s crop. But every time I visit the concrete jungle, I always come back with a slightly altered perspective juiced with a little more inspiration.


Headed to New York City

December 3, 2012

I’m leaving for the Big Apple this week. Will be doing some book promotion stuff in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I really dig Brooklyn, where lots of cool things are happening on the local food level. The Brooklyn Food Coalition is instrumental in that area. Want to thank Organic Consumers for helping out with this trip. [...]

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Ignore Propaganda: A Letter to California on Prop 37

November 5, 2012

Dear Californians, It’s not unusual for all Americans to be lied to from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. This being an election year, the manure is getting piled so high, waders are needed to cover your coveralls. However, it is unusual for you to be told lies about the food you’re eating, the meals you’re preparing [...]

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Right2Know March Film

October 17, 2012

In October 2011, I took part in a march from New York City to Washington D.C. to help promote GMO labeling in this country. The folks from Rapunzel Chocolate in Germany put this little flick together from that two-week journey.

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View “Genetic Roulette” This week

October 11, 2012

The powerful documentary Genetic Roulette can be viewed for free online this week. It is the most comprehensive and moving film I’ve seen to date on the GMO issue. Highly recommended. Prop 37 is coming up for vote in California this November, which would require the labeling of genetically-modified/genetically-engineered foods. Very important this passes, which [...]

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