Son of a Farmer

“Everything is connected. That bond is what keeps this Planet dancing round in poetic choreography. That connection is what keeps us all alive. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. If we are capable of destruction, we are most certainly capable of healing. ” – Eric Herm

Eric Herm, (organic farmer, author, activist and musician) translates modern day agriculture and life through various mediums and venues in his own unique West Texas manner. With plow, pen, guitar and sarcastic wit, Herm plunges forward into a world of tumbleweeds, sandstorms, droughts, GMOs, and rural existence.

I Am Nature

I am Nature

Nature is me

talking walks

through my subconscious

through my dreams

taking old man naps

beneath an old oak tree

I planted when just a boy

Wind howls mine name

sun scorches mine labor

autumn comforts mine transformation

cold rattles mine bones

reminding me of the fragility

the temporary nature of seasons

changing colors

evolving others

so we complete the cycle’s circle

and wake

to find ourselves

dreaming the perfect dream