Son of a Farmer

“Everything is connected. That bond is what keeps this Planet dancing round in poetic choreography. That connection is what keeps us all alive. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. If we are capable of destruction, we are most certainly capable of healing. ” – Eric Herm

Eric Herm, (organic farmer, author, activist and musician) translates modern day agriculture and life through various mediums and venues in his own unique West Texas manner. With plow, pen, guitar and sarcastic wit, Herm plunges forward into a world of tumbleweeds, sandstorms, droughts, GMOs, and rural existence.

Religion of Nature


The open prairie is my church

The warm southern breeze, western wind, and ol’ blue northerners are my hymns

If ever I need a cathedral

I will sit, walk and gaze upon canyons

If ever I need a place to worship outside of my inner being

I will travel into the heart of the desert

and up to the mountain’s summit

If ever I need to be reborn

I will submerse myself into the river, the lake or ocean

to wash away my transgressions against self, others, Nature and Universe

I need no other human to confirm my faith

for the trees, grass, rivers and rocks

every last breathing fiber of animal, bird, insect, and soil is my congregation

They are my fellowship