Son of a Farmer

“Everything is connected. That bond is what keeps this Planet dancing round in poetic choreography. That connection is what keeps us all alive. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. If we are capable of destruction, we are most certainly capable of healing. ” – Eric Herm

Eric Herm, (organic farmer, author, activist and musician) translates modern day agriculture and life through various mediums and venues in his own unique West Texas manner. With plow, pen, guitar and sarcastic wit, Herm plunges forward into a world of tumbleweeds, sandstorms, droughts, GMOs, and rural existence.

Water's Vitality

As we near completion of this severe drought’s 12th month, it is important we focus on the positive aspect of rains coming. Everywhere you go, individuals are predicting further doomsday for us in the American southwest. The mind is very powerful, and if you get enough people thinking negatively on the same subject matter, we can and do influence outcomes. So, why not imagine rainfall? Why not imagine slow, long rains soaking the Earth for several days? (For those of you living along floodplains at the moment, I’m certain you’re in a different mentality. But you get what I’m saying.)

Some wells are literally going dry. Homes outside of Big Spring and surrounding areas are pumping air in their water wells. This is not rampant yet, but there are isolated cases already reported in the area. This is a warning light for certain. Rather than putting millions of dollars into some type of plant that is going to recycle our urine, we need to be installing water catchment systems so we are harvesting every last drop that falls. While we haven’t received much, every little bit helps. A half inch rain on 10,000 square feet of rooftops equates to more than 3,000 gallons of water. We need to be working with Nature rather than against Her. We need to be reading the tea leaves and adjusting our game plan rather than riding the sunken ship to the bottom of a derelict sea.