Son of a Farmer

“Everything is connected. That bond is what keeps this Planet dancing round in poetic choreography. That connection is what keeps us all alive. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. If we are capable of destruction, we are most certainly capable of healing. ” – Eric Herm

Eric Herm, (organic farmer, author, activist and musician) translates modern day agriculture and life through various mediums and venues in his own unique West Texas manner. With plow, pen, guitar and sarcastic wit, Herm plunges forward into a world of tumbleweeds, sandstorms, droughts, GMOs, and rural existence.

Dreamriver Press Closes Doors

Regret to announce that my publisher Dreamriver Press officially closed its doors effective January 1, 2015. Theodore Poulis helped me get my start back in 2008 when he agreed to publish my first book, Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth. His friendship is one I will always value as I've found him to be one of the nicest and most sincere people on the planet. As he and his wife Maria enter parenthood, I wish them both the best. As they deserve that. 

It is unfortunate that independent publishing companies are having a very tough time staying in business these days, along with various forms of print media. But the relationships I've built through the years (courtesy of my books being published) have helped instill in me a stronger faith that more and more people are waking up to what has happened to our food supply and farming system.

Through conferences, book signings, political demonstrations, and many more events, I've seen the food movement grow in this country over the past eight years. I know it will continue to grow. 

Not sure what will happen with my books moving forward. If no other publishing company steps up to the plate, I may purchase the rights to keep my words alive a little longer. As I change gears moving forward into another new year and farming season, I am grateful for all those I've met in recent years who are helping to create positive change around the world in their own lives, communities, farms, and businesses. 

For now, I am narrowing my focus on my family and building something beautiful that will last longer than myself. It is a very cool and unique project/business. More on that later this year. But I am optimistic there are wonderful things on the horizon.